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September 2, 20190

SEO is major aspect considered in the world of web design and creation . The process helps to understand
the main steps involved in getting a better ranking and conducting website improvement.

Table of content

  • 1-what is SEO?
  • 2-How search engines work? 
  • 3-SEO mechanism
  • 4- SEO factors


1- What is SEO ?

  • SEO stand for “Search engine optimization” which is the process of getting traffic from search engines organically (without ads and payments).  Through creating a valuable content and matching customer needs and expectation

    So now after knowing what SEO, why it’s that important?

A- Organic search is the main Source of traffic

  • Internet is the first place for anyone to search and find out more about certain topic. Search engine now represents the first stage in sales funnel in creating awareness for your website and getting people to know you. And for purchase options More than 90% of purchases decisions comes from online search, So yeah if you want people to know you and visit your website search engines and website traffic is the perfect start


B-Good SEO is signal of good customer experience

  • The main idea of SEO process and it’s related factor that search engines evaluate websites and show the best website that answers customers quires
  • For customer. Think of top website that shows up when you search for any topic if they show in first SERP ( search engine result page ) . This means that these are the best available options for your search according to search engine so a good SEO and ranking Website


C- Lower cost

  • Compared to paid ads for appearance , SEO represents a lower cost .which will provide website owners the ability to invest their money In other related and marketing aspects about their website


D-If you’re not of page 1 you are losing

  • More than 70% of search click through goes to first page website. Which means being in second page or third are totally not acceptable .it’s true that SEO may require some time but it’s also true that it’s worthy.



2-How search engines work

  • Search engines have special algorithms for analyzing all websites and evaluate its relevancy so it could index these website according to how effective it’s. When someone is searching for specific topic search engine shows it’s the best indexed website that thinks it’s will match that search


3- SEO Mechanism

  • As we mentioned search engines primary goals is to provide the best answers or content to search inquires .SEO is about telling Search engines that your website is the best option for that specific inquires . The process is done by providing best customer experience through
    understanding search engines algorithms and optimizing your website according to it


4-SEO factors

  • SEO related factors to work are too many and it’s impossible but we will mention the main factors and speak on each category on Details in other topics


1-Mobile friendly

  • 65% of searches come from smartphones. So it’s important to make sure that your website is mobile friendly and responsive to all kind of devices. It’s important for Google or search engines to keep users satisfied


2-page speed

  • It’s another meaning of how fast your website page loads . The average time for loading speed is 3 seconds .users won’t wait for your website to load they will easily escape it and go to another website even your website is better


  • When it comes to SEO back-links is highly important factor. back-links means simply when someone mention your website as recommendation when other website links to  your website as valuable source Google treat these links as trust signals which will win a better
    score and higher ranking in Google


4-Content Quality

  • Another important factor is content quality . Google is all about content and how valuable your content is to the users and the extent to which is answers their inquiries and matches their expectations



  • It’s important to know and understand the words and terms customers are using to search a certain topic then you should these keywords more frequent to tell Google that your website matches what users are searching for. it’s important to create valuable relevant content rather than just staffing keywords which will get you a lower ranking


  •  It’s a little technical detail bust mostly what sitemaps do is that tell Google and search engines what your website is all about and what page it include




  • SEO is long term process that requires great time and effort but out of questions it’s highly important topic to consider because basically organic search represents large percentage
    traffic and who wouldn’t want to be on top of search pages of
  • An optimized SEO means optimized website and valuable content, there is large number of factors but there’s no need to panic
  • There important and less important factors and in the end they’re all for the good of your website


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